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Does anyone have a spare room?

So I've just moved to the city from England, its different here... not because of the new accent or the food, I knew that would change, the accent grates on me but I'm sure I will become used to it. Or I wont... it doesn't matter. It's the way of life which is really different, everyone seems more relaxed, boundaries seem a lot lower and I can't say I like it.

Other than my growing distaste for the people I've also found myself homeless. since coming to Seattle I've been staying in the cheerfully named Green Tortoise hostel but I find that the owners are growing tired of me now they've realised I'm not a chatty tourist. As such I am looking for a place to live, my job should fund any rent that is required and until I am given my first pay cheque I still have my inheritance money which will cover anything that is required.

I am clean, quiet and require nothing more than a bed to sleep in and fridge space room enough for a bag of apples, please inform me if you are aware of any suitable living quarter.